In many countries Pterygium affects up to 30% of the population. The disease is an abnormal growth of the cojunctiva over the cornea, coming mostly from the nasal side. The reason is not known, but the assumption is, that UV-light and solar radiation take part in the process. This may be right, because people of countries near the equator are affected mostly.

Presend standard therapy of Pterygium is always a surgical. The Pterygium is removed and replaced by healthy cojunctival flap of the same patient. Still there are many recurrences of the conjunctival growth 1-2 years after the operation.

Pterygium prior to surgery
2 years after surgery the progression of Pterygium is stopped

Related to the implantation of the Krumeich Ring for Penetrating Keratoplasties, we used segments of the ring for Pterygium.

Now, after more than 5 years of implantation, we can observe complete stopping of Pterygium of stage I and II without need of anew surgeries. The segment is inserted into the cornea in a almost painless intervention and works thanks to its alloy.  The Pterygium does not grow any futher and no special medical treatment is necessary. For Pterygium stage III or IV it is necessary to cut off parts of the Pterygium and thereafter implant the segment to stop recurrence. 


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