Since 2004 the EPI-Lasik technique, besides the Lasik technique, is executed in medical application. At present we recommend EPI-Lasik up to -4.5 Diopter. While Lasik cuts inside the tissue, the EPI-Lasik just separates the protection layer, corneal epithelium, from the Bowman membrane so the Epikeratome is just pushed aside.The laser treatment is then executed in the membrane. The EPI-Lasik surgery is executed under drop numbness.


No cut inside the tissue


The pushed aside Epikeratome can easy crack which leads to slights pain over the next 1-2 days which must be treated with drops.

The recovery of vision take some days which is obvious longer then with the standard Lasik surgery. But the result shows no sign of surgery at all, even under the microscope. The process is the same as with Lasik.


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