Details on Femtolaser - CKT

The idea of ​​the laser CKT is the cut in the tissue under the retention of the corneal strength membranes. The incision is placed between the upper membrane (Bowmann) and the lower membrane (Deszemet) and performed with a Femtosecond laser.


The procedure is completely painless and no anesthesia is needed for the procedure, but it suffice topical anestetic drops. The patient can work again the next day. Possible disadvantages compared to the mechanical CKT is that long-term results are missing so far. Longest follow-up is 3 years after the Femto operation. 


To the study:

The study was approved by the Ethics Committee of the University of Münster under the number Az. 2017-441-f-S. Patient data will not be shared. The corneal measurements are taken only for statistical purposes - not personalized. There are currently 3 centers working on this study:


Our clinic

Eye Clinic Breyer, Dusseldorf

Eye Clinic Prof. Dr. med. Neuhann, Munich


The results so far suggest that the effect with the femtolaser is the same as in the previous surgical procedure.


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