Keratoconus I + II

Details on Circular Keratotomy

Circular Keratotomy (CKT) is a Femto Laser cut of 7mm diameter around the optical axis. The depth of the cut is depending on the corneal thickness at the 7mm site. 

Prerequisite of the use of this technique is a thickness of more than 400µm at the site of the insicion.The cut is then performed to 90% of the depth of the cornea as measured with Orbscan.(Fig.1) Aim of the procedure is to create a circular scar that creates millions of connecting tissue fibres. We have noted in 91% a complete stop of any steepening of the corneal radii, which would typically occur if the ordinary progression of keratoconus takes place. In 70% visual acuity improved. To date we have 110 cases treated with this procedure. Also topographies - surface images of the cornea - show stability. The procedures described are procedures for Stage I or II. If the cone is progressed further, the scar generated is not strong enough to stop the progression of the disease. In this cases suturing of the laser cut must be performed.

This procedure cannot be used after Crosslinking was employed. 




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