Our aim is to provide every patient with a treatment which is exactly suited to the individual stage of his/her illness.  In the process we employ the most modern available techniques and equipment – and are ourselves involved in their development.  During our thirty years of practice we have developed numerous techniques and equipment, that have now become standard practice in the world of opthalmology.  

The Trepan System GTS – the Guided Trepan System, which produces the same dimensions on the donor as well as the recipient cornea, was developed here.  The equipment is used in 80% of all cornea transplants in Germany.

With new types of techniques it is possible for the patient to keep their own cornea – or in advanced stages of disease at least the healthy inner layer – and to achieve lasting success (circular keratotomy, epikeratophakia, deep lamellar keratoplasty).

For over 20 years we have been conducting ametropia corrections.  Strong short or far-sightedness can greatly reduce well-being.  Nowadays however, these conditions can be corrected with the use of modern operation methods, such as Excimer laser treatment – in case that the patient's condition cannot be treated with laser, there are Iris-supported lenses, that can be implanted into the anterior chamber of the eye are secured to the Iris.

With all operations we choose the techniques that are least invasive,  thus reducing the risks of the operation. Thereby we ensure that you feel on top form again as soon as possible after your treatment.


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