The clouding of the lens is obvious

Cataract is a disease that mostly occurs in the second half of a lifetime. It may involve though younger people, too. What's it about? It's a progressive clouding of the lens inside the eye so that the lens can no longer act as producing the focus of the environment on the retina.

If the haze increases, there is a continuous loss of visual acuity. At a value of about 40% or less of the normal visual acuity, the operation of the cataract is indicated. Such operation results in almost all cases in a significant improvement of visual acuity. 

This cataract operation is performed as Phakoemulsification, which means that the lens first is liquified by the power of an ultrasound-tip, whereafter the diluted tissue is removed by electronically controlled irrigation/aspiration. Then an artifical lens of the needed power is placed into the empty bag.

This operation, in Germany, is the surgery most frequently performed. Complications are rare, in particular since the risk of infection has been brought down by using a mini-incision of about 2.00mm at the rim of the cornea.


In case this method to operate the cataract cannot be applied, other methods like the extracapsular extraction or the intracapsular lens removal may be used in special cases, in which the natural capsule can no longer be used to hold the artificial lens.

We are equipped to use any of the operation methods in case particularly difficult situations may arise. 




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