Overview on the operations carried out by us

Here you find an overview of our performance. The deatails of each of these methods are referred to the links. The summaries are more shortened than the links.


The therapy of the cone depends on its stage. The classification, of which you may look up here

  • Stage I - II
    • In stage I and II Circular Keratotomy (CKT) is performed. In this case, a circular incision is made in the cornea, which causes the generation of a scar, which in 90% stops the progression of the disease.
    • Brand new: Circular Keratotomy with Femto Second Laser
  • Stage II - III
    • In stage III Epikeratophakia is performed (see below)
  • Stage III-IV
    • In stage III- IV the Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK) is performed with the water-pillow-technology, which was developed here (see below).
  • Stage IV
    • In stage IV the Penetrating Keratoplasty is performed with Krumeich Ring (see below).

Refractive surgery

    • Laser surgery with the excimer laser. Free preliminary examinations take place with us regularly.
  • Epi-Lasik, LASEK, PRK (Photorefractive Keratoplasty)
    • Modified Lasik surgery: no incisition in the cornea, but slower improvement of vision as opposed to normal Lasik and possibly mild pain for 1-2 days.

Corneal surgery

  • Penetrating Keratoplasty
    • In Penetrating Keratoplasty a corneal transplant button is sutured into the recipient's eye in whole thickness.
  • Deep Lamellar Anterior Keratoplasty
    • In this operation, only the top layers of the cornea are replaced by donor tissue. By this procedure the transplant does not need to be renewed and risk of rejection is very low(1%).
  • Epikeratophakia
    • A donor button is sutured to the patient's own cornea in order to stop the keratoconus. With an additional laser treatment on the back of the disc itself, vision can greatly be improved. The process may, if necessary, be reversed.
  • Ring segment in Pterygium
    • Insertion of a segment of Krumeich ring to combat Pterygium.


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